Welcome at The Hague World House

The Hague World House is a project of Stek, organisation for city and church. The target is the group of undocumented migrants in The Hague. The World House is an information and advisory centre, with the aim of empowering undocumented migrants to make well-informed decisions. To achieve this, the centre serves as a place where our visitors  can obtain correct and sufficient information about their basic rights. Through interaction, the World House is also a melting pot of individuals and families in similar situations. 

Are you an undocumented migrant living in The Hague? Our team of volunteers and professionals can offer you support on a variety of subjects. Visit or contact us for: advice and information; mediation and referrals; meeting people in a similar situation; (re)discovering your talents and skills. All our activities are free of charge.

Questions we get asked frequently
-  Am I allowed to have a job?
-  Am I entitled to medical care?
-  Can my child attend school or higher education?
-  What do I have to do when my residence permit has expired
-  Where do I go to register the birth of my child?
-  I received a letter from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, what do I have to do?
-  My request of stay permit is rejected. What should I do now?


Open house consultation hours    

The consultation hours of Den Haag Wereldhuis take place both by telephone and physically, to provide undocumented migrants with information and advice.
Telephone consultation hours: Monday 10:00 - 14:00 and Thursday 13:00 - 15:30. At the same time, people can also come by for (short) questions, and we will schedule (physical) appointments.
Medical consultation hours of Doctors of the World: Monday 10:30 - 13:00 and 
Our volunteers and professionals will answer questions and offer advice to undocumented migrants on a variety of subjects.

Cookie project    
Do you enjoy baking? Come and help to bake cookies for yourself and our customers. The cookies are sold to individuals and organizations. You can be part of the proceeds.

Cooking project 
Do you like to cook? Come and help to cook for lunch. The lunch will be served for our volunteers and clients. You can deliver your talent in cooking and serve lunch to people. 

Contact information

The Hague World House
Hooftskade 87
2526 KB Den Haag
+31 (0)70 3181673 or +31 (0)70 3181658
Whats App +31 - 657547269

Coordinator: Lizebeth Melse
Project Officer : Yasmine Soraya